Everyone benefits when we volunteer!

Everyone involved in a volunteer program reaps the benefits. Over $60 billion is estimated to be contributed annually to the U.S. economy by virtue of volunteer services. Volunteering also helps various service organizations, for instance, by cutting down costs of operations and making services available to a larger audience.

Volunteerism promotes positive citizenship among youth by encouraging them to be more engaged in their own communities. Youth who volunteer feel more connected to their community, are more likely to show concern, and to stay in or return to their communities. Thus, youth volunteerism contributes substantially to community vitality.

Adults can help encourage youth to volunteer by sharing ideas and volunteer opportunities. Help youth find a service activity that fits their skills, interests, and passion. Be a role model and encourage the entire family to volunteer together.

We have a free list of 366 Community Service Ideas for youth (and adults). Visit https://lancaster.unl.edu/4h/serviceideas.shtml

The categories include:

  • Children, Family and Friends
  • Special Calendar Day Events
  • Crime Prevention
  • School Activities
  • Government
  • General
  • Helping Animals
  • Helping the Hungry and/or Homeless
  • Those with Special Needs
  • Neighborhood Enhancement
  • Performing Arts and Sports
  • Senior Citizens
  • The Environment

Check out these Nebraska Extension resources – free, online:

Contact your local extension office and ask about 4-H Programs in your community. 4-H adult and youth volunteers are difference-makers in our communities! Find your extension office here

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Source: Youth Volunteerism by Maria R. T. de Guzman, Extension Adolescent Specialist.