Rethinking Food Waste

Food Waste Graphic from Tufts University

Let’s do better when it comes to food waste!

November 15 was America Recycles Day. It isn’t often that we get a chance to relate food to recycling but when you think of food waste, we can do better.

I don’t have a garbage disposal at my house so what food and food scraps I don’t use are either tossed or composted. One of my solutions to reduce waste is to compost with worms.  Redworms eat their bedding (shredded newspaper) and food scraps leaving you with a rich soil amendment for plants. Worm composting (called “vermicomposting”) can be done year-round and is a great project for the entire family. Of course, having a bin of worms under your kitchen sink isn’t for everyone, but if you are at least curious give it a try. Learn more about vermicomposting here. Continue reading