Rethinking Food Waste

Food Waste Graphic from Tufts University

Let’s do better when it comes to food waste!

November 15 was America Recycles Day. It isn’t often that we get a chance to relate food to recycling but when you think of food waste, we can do better.

I don’t have a garbage disposal at my house so what food and food scraps I don’t use are either tossed or composted. One of my solutions to reduce waste is to compost with worms.  Redworms eat their bedding (shredded newspaper) and food scraps leaving you with a rich soil amendment for plants. Worm composting (called “vermicomposting”) can be done year-round and is a great project for the entire family. Of course, having a bin of worms under your kitchen sink isn’t for everyone, but if you are at least curious give it a try. Learn more about vermicomposting here. Continue reading


Upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Info

If you live in Lancaster County, Nebraska, here are the upcoming household hazardous waste collection dates, times, locations:

The next Household Hazardous Waste for Lancaster County residents will be Saturday, April 26, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the South Wal-Mart, 8700 Andermatt Drive, (87th and Hwy 2).

The May collection is Saturday, May 17th at Zoetis, 601 West Cornhusker Highway

To reduce the amount of household hazardous wastes the following is suggested:

  • Buy the least toxic products to do the job.
  • Buy only the amount you need for the job.
  • Read product labels carefully.
  • Reuse or recycle household products, whenever possible.

For more information on disposal of specific items like medicine, paint, CFL and more, read Hazardous Household Waste – it was updated 4/25/2014.

To find out about Hazardous Household Waste collections in your community, contact your local extension office. Find your local office.

Have a great day!

Lorene Bartos, Extension Educator