Early Spring Care for Fruit Trees

Peach tree in May - photo by Vicki Jedlicka

Peach tree in May – photo by Vicki Jedlicka

This feature article appears in the March 2018 NEBLINE Newsletter:

Early Spring Care for Fruit Trees

by Sarah Browning, Extension Educator – Horticulture

When the apple and cherry trees start to bloom, we know spring has finally arrived. Fruit trees are wonderful additions to the home landscape, both as fruit producers and ornamental blooming trees.

To maximize the health of your fruit trees, begin with proper pruning, then provide good care through fertilization, watering and mulching throughout the summer. Next, develop an integrated pest management plan tailored to the specific insect and disease problems affecting your trees.

Pruning, research, trouble for fruit trees, integrated pest management, and early season pest control are covered in the feature article in the March issue of the NEBLINE Newsletter. View Page 1 and Page 3 for rest of this article (near the bottom of the page).

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