February 2018 Issue of the NEBLINE is on-line!

The NEBLINE Newsletter
The February issue of the free NEBLINE newsletter is now on-line. Visit http://lancaster.unl.edu/nebline and click on the link to the February 2018 NEBLINE!

Extension Educator Alice Henneman shares some tips for making your own trail mix in this issue:

• Limit the serving size to about 1/4 cup to keep calories at a reasonable amount.
• Use unsalted versions of nuts.
• Choose cereals and crackers that are whole grain, and lower in sugar and salt.
• Limit the amount of added candy. Consider using “mini” versions of candy, such as mini chocolate
chips, to distribute a smaller amount of candy throughout the mix.
Check out the trail mix recipe on page 2 of the NEBLINE to get you started!

Here are some of the articles featured in this issue – – – –

  • Feature: The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Teaches Limited-Resource  Families Through Peer Education
  • A Piece of Dark Chocolate Candy for Dessert
  • Trail Mix with Dark Chocolate Recipe
  • Pesticide Applicator Training
  • Weekly “Successful Farmer Series” Runs Through Feb. 9
  • How Does Winter Weather Affect Private Wastewater and Water Systems?
  • Carpet Beetles: Pull the Rug Out From Under Them
  • Tracking Wildlife Tracks
  • 2018 Flower All-America Selections
  • Upcoming Learning Child Trainings
  • The Importance of Physical Activity in Young Children
  • Lincoln Early Childhood Conference March 24
  • 4-H and Youth Announcements
  • February Garden Guide
  • and more…

If you don’t live in Lancaster County, Nebraska, please make sure to check out your local extension office too. Your extension office has resources for you, your family and community. To find your local office, visit http://lancaster.unl.edu/office/locate.shtml (nationwide listing).

Have a great day!!


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