Tic Toc it’s Tick Time

Perfect timing! Check out this tick info graphic! Be tick aware!!!!

GRO Big Red

PDF Version for Printing: Tic Toc Ticks

Tic Toc Ticks final (2)   Featured image courtesy of Jim Kalisch; UNL Entomology Department

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Press Pause

You can’t protect your child from feeling stressed out, angry or sad. What you can do is teach him ways of managing his stress. Learn more from The Learning Child blog ….

The Learning Child Blog


The parts of our brain that are involved in reacting to emotions can quickly hijack our ability to reason and control our intentional spotlight. Think of all the times you regret saying something because you were wound-up or overly emotional. If only you’d pressed pause to think about your reactions before blurting out your feelings. Kids need this pause space too, although it is difficult for them to recognize when they need it. Often, when our child is upset or emotional, we feel the immediate need to do something about it – to argue back, to cuddle her, to yell, or to put our face right up close to hers so that she will concentrate on what we have to say.

However, the best strategy is to press pause and wait for your child to calm down. By doing this, you give your child the opportunity to practice calming herself…

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