Join Us at the 2016 Lancaster County Super Fair! #4hSuperFair

Table Setting Contest at the Lancaster County Super Fair

Table Setting Contest at the Lancaster County Super Fair

The 2016 Lancaster County Super Fair begins in Lincoln, Nebraska. We want to wish our 4-H youth, their families, our volunteers and staff the best of luck as they participate in this amazing community event. While you are visiting the fair, please be sure to ask our 4-H exhibitors questions about their projects. Many love to share and answer any questions you might have.

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County 4-HHere’s the nitty gritty:

Visiting Animal Areas – Safety Tips

Mini Horse CompetitionFor many families, visiting the animal areas is one of the highlights at a county or state fair. Do you plan to visit the animal areas? It’s always a good idea to review safety tips with the entire family before entering those areas.

Keep your distance when walking or pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon behind animals. Avoid getting behind the back legs of horses, cows and other livestock. A sudden kick or a swat of a tail can happen quickly. Give exhibitors plenty of room as they walk animals from one area to another.

They may startle. Animals have sensitive hearing and may startle. Remember to give them plenty of space. Mute your phone and walk quietly around the animals. Hold hands with young children and remind them not to run or jump near the animals.

4-H Rabbit Show

4-H Rabbit Competition

“I bite”. The rabbits may look cute in their cages but even cute bunnies may bite. Resist the urge to reach your hands into any cages or pens. Keep an eye on small children who can move quickly. If there is a 4-H or FFA exhibitor nearby, they may hold their small animals so your child can touch it. Be sure to ask.

People food is for people. Sharing food and drinks with animals can create cross-contamination and make animals sick.

And as always, wash your hands thoroughly and often when visiting the fair.

More resources:

Have a great day and enjoy your local county and state fairs!

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