Superhero Exploration

Do you remember playing superheroes as a child? I do! I remember my own children making capes and coming up with stories as they “saved their friends and siblings”. I went to the link in this blog and read how Sarah Erdman and Meredith Downing used superheroes to teach life lessons.

“During that sidekick day, we teachers made two new observations about the superhero play. First, the children did not cling to the superheroes they knew from popular culture. Sure, there were plenty of Batmans and Batgirls (and even a Superman who wore a Spider-Man costume); but we also had Super Pig, who carried a Pig Wand that made witches disappear, and Super Dog, who wore a superhero robot costume.” From “Science of Superheros” by Sarah Erdman and Meredith Downing

Here’s to all the parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers who make our children feel like they are superheroes too!

Have a great day & be superhero cool!

Soni Cochran

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CZHWdgtUgAAFkwgMany parents may overlook superheroes teaching their children about life lessons. However, Sarah Erdman and Meredith Downing, prove otherwise with one of their articles. Children can learn a lot from superheroes; it all depends on how you direct the teachings.

One of the first thing that you can incorporate with superheroes is creativity. Children should be encouraged to think on what they would want to be as a superhero, including their powers and their backstory. It improves your child’s creative thinking and helps them learn how to explore options.

Along with developing exploration and creative thinking, it makes children think more in-depth on more than just the how the superheroes save the day, but why do they do what they do? Superheroes do not always get the recognition for their work in helping others, but they continue to do it—and enjoy it. Opening children’s minds to this way of thinking…

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