The Importance Of Outdoor Experiences In The Primary Years


Our experiences in natural environments can have immediate and long-lasting benefits for both children and adults.

We know outdoor spaces allow children to run, climb, move through space, and “let off steam.” We also know such increased physical activity is associated with decreases in depression and anxiety, and increases in levels of concentration. Outdoor experiences and play are key strategies to address rising childhood obesity rates and ADHD/ADD symptoms. Nature provides endless opportunities for awe, wonder, exploration, and movement — all essential elements to promoting the healthy well-being of young children.

The Importance of Outdoor Experiences in the Primary Years, shares the research on the benefits of being outdoors! This is a free publication from Nebraska Extension.

BoySwimHave you been outside yet today? Better yet — enjoy taking a child outdoors and let them experience the wonders of our natural world.

It’s time for me to head outside!

Have a great day!!


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