Those Crickets are a-Chirpin’

Field CricketI love fall in Nebraska – it is my favorite season. Along with the cooler temperatures, lower humidity, beautiful changing landscape and football, we do have to put up with a few accidental invaders looking for warmer places to hang out. Last week, I had two male crickets chirping away in my kitchen. One was under the kitchen sink, the other was near my stove “somewhere”. Of course when I tried to investigate my “choir”, the crickets quickly stopped chirping.

What to do?  If you do nothing, the crickets will die in a few days. If you just can’t tolerate this “choir” in your home, try a mouse glue board —

  1. You can purchase flat, sticky mouse glue boards where mousetraps are sold – farm supply, hardware, discount and even in some grocery stores.
  2. Cut your glue board down to a size where you can put it out of the way, but near the chirping sound. (Hint: Cut your board before you take off the film protecting the adhesive).
  3. Once your board is trimmed, pour a small bit of cornmeal right in the center. Crickets are attracted to cornmeal and will get stuck on the board so you can easily take care of the problem.
  4. If you don’t have small children or pets, you can place your glue boards in corners of the room. This is especially helpful in basements and garages. You’ll catch wandering spiders, beetles and other accidental invaders without using insecticides.

A couple things to consider when using a glue board:

  • If you have a mouse in the house, it could also get stuck on the glue board (it happens). For the crickets, you won’t need to keep your glue board out for too long because even if you did nothing and put up with the sound of the chirping, the crickets will die. Glue boards are great for monitoring for other pests – like cockroaches – so it makes sense to keep them out and use them.
  • If you accidentally get something stuck in the glue, you can take it off with vegetable oil. Those directions are on the package but I’ve found most people toss the package and don’t realize you can “unstick” items (like your car keys – yes, it happens). Always read package directions carefully.

Caulk & Seal: This is a great time of year to caulk and seal up your home. Check your weatherstripping around doors and look for possible entry points where utilities come into the house. Remember, a mouse can get through an opening the size of a dime!

As for my crickets, I waited. My cricket choir only performed for three days and then they were silent. I found both dead and just had to sweep them up. It was their final performance.

For more information on controlling crickets around the home, read “Crickets” from Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County. If you have other pest and wildlife questions, we have resources on-line at or contact your local extension office.

Have a great day!!


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