Getting Through Tough Times: Making the Most of What You Have

While opening my household bills last night, I received a notice from my mortgage company telling me my escrow was short for the year due to rising insurance premiums. I seem to get an escrow shortage notice every July so not totally unexpected, just a bit frustrating. I’m going to have to change my household budget to adapt to the new mortgage payment.

We’ve all had those times when your family income drops suddenly or expenses unexpectedly increase, your first concern may be to pay your bills and meet your day-to-day expenses. Instead, look at your total financial picture and determine which assets you might use to meet family obligations.

daddaughterbacx210Whenever there is a change in your financial circumstances that impacts your family’s budget, it is a good time to revisit where you are at with your family finances. You don’t need to have a change in circumstances to give your budget a “check up”. Need help?

Visit: Making the Most of What You Have from Minnesota University Extension. You’ll find a downloadable worksheet to help you determine your net worth. There are also questions to ask yourself to help figure out how to meet your new budget demands.

If you don’t live in Lancaster County, Nebraska, please make sure to check out your local extension office too. Your extension office has resources for you, your family and community. To find your local office, visit here.

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Lawn Mower Safety

Whether you are mowing a small lawn in the city, or using a mower on the farm – here are some important safety tips for the entire family.

The Next Generation: Farm Safety and Health

Although smaller in size than most farm equipment, lawn mowers can be just as dangerous. The moving blades, operating engine, and potential for flying debris make lawn mowers dangerous if not used cautiously and with respect.

Before assigning the task of mowing the yard, consider the youth’s physical and cognitive ability. The youth should:

  • Be able to reach the controls without moving from the seat of a riding mower
  • Have the strength to use a push mower
  • Be trained in the safe operation of the mower, including observing an adult

Help make lawn mowing a rewarding and safe chore for children:

  • Explain the dangers of flying objects: Encourage them to pick up debris before mowing
  • Provide and encourage the use of personal protective equipment: eye and ear protection, long pants, sturdy shoes
  • Teach youth to mow across slopes when using a push mower
  • Mow up and down slopes when on…

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