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The June issue of The NEBLINE newsletter is now on-line. You can read it free! Here are some of the articles featured in this issue – – – – Visit and click on the link to the June 2015 NEBLINE!

  • After-Harvest Care of Asparagus
  • 12 Tasty Salad Toppings
  • The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Development
  • Why is mold growing in my home? How should I remove it?
  • Severe Weather Impacts on Crops
  • Control of Perennial Weedy Grasses
  • Fragrance in the Perennial Garden
  • Tick Check!
  • The Migratory Bird Treaty Act Protects All Native Birds
  • 4-H News, Resources
  • …. and much more

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Helping Children Deal with Severe Storms: What Do Parents Need to Know?

With storm season here it is important that children are aware of what happens during storms and what to do in case one is in the area.

The more parents encourage their children to talk about severe weather, the better children will feel. Start talking to them right away: When a storm is on the way, after the storm has passed, and time and time again afterwards. Children need to keep talking about their experiences. It is how all of us make sense out of things as human beings.

Children sometimes become the lost souls of a family in crisis. Adults can get so caught up in their own feelings that they don’t realize how emotional and difficult the experience is for children. Also, sometimes adults think it’s better to keep quiet and avoid stirring things up with the kids. But kids are aware that the adults in their lives are dealing with powerful emotions. They know something is happening and it’s important. They may not always get the facts straight, but they’re aware of the tension adults are experiencing. If adults don’t address difficult issues, the children will have to carry this burden all alone. They may feel it’s their fault. Adults need to be aware of what children feel and think, to listen to them, and talk openly and honestly with them. Continue reading

Storm Season: Be Prepared

During this time of year we never know what kinds of weather we will see.  If it important to know terms associated with severe weather.  Post in your home and share with family members.  Families should have a plan of where to go and practice the plan.  Review these terms with your family:

A WATCH  indicates that conditions are favorable for the particular weather event in and near the Watch area, and which may pose a risk to life and property. Watches are issued up to 48 hours in advance with forecaster confidence around 50%.

a WARNING indicates that a particular weather event is imminent or occurring.

Advisories are issued if the weather event will lead to nuisance conditions, while Warnings are issued for significant weather events which will pose a risk to life and property. Warnings and Advisories are issued up to 48 hours in advance with forecaster confidence of at least 80%.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Issued when there is evidence based on radar or a reliable spotter report that a thunderstorm is producing, or about to produce, wind gusts of 58 mph or greater, structural wind damage, and/or hail 1 inch in diameter or greater.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Is issued by the Storm Prediction Center when conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms over a larger-scale region. Tornadoes are not expected in such situations, but isolated tornado development cannot be ruled out. Continue reading