“Bites” – Itching – Skin Irritations: Keep an Open Mind

Some people encounter “bites,” itching, or skin irritations thought to be caused by insects but no insects can be identified. These are tough situations and I have a great deal of empathy for people desperately trying to identify the causes.

Illusory parasitosis is one name used to describe bite-like symptoms caused by non-animal environmental factors. There is a long list of potential causes for “biting” sensations or skin irritation not caused by insects. The cause may be physical, physiological, psychological or combinations of these factors.

Physical factors may include dry air; static electricity; household or personal products like disinfectants, detergents, cosmetics, or jewelry. Environmental pollutants also may cause skin irritation. These pollutants include microscopic fibers like fiberglass or paper splinters. In addition, indoor air pollution can cause “sick or tight-building syndrome.” Other factors, like allergies and changes in our skin and general health as we age can cause bite-like symptoms. Continue reading


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  • Soil Temperature Trends for Planting
  • 2015 Vegetable All America Selections
  • Outwitting Wildlife at Bird Feeders – Part II
  • 4-H & Youth News, Events and more
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