Happy Birthday! We’re going to have chicks!

4-H Embryology - Science and Life Skills

4-H teaches science and life skills at school, home and on the Web

One of the most exciting, hands-on and science-based 4-H School Enrichment programs in our office is 4-H Embryology. Hundreds of local third grade classrooms in Lancaster County, Nebraska study the science of embryology and learn life skills by hatching chicks in their classrooms.

We’re on the first session of 4-H Embryology – eggs have been in classroom incubators since the first week of January. When bringing the eggs, our staff teach children about growth and development of an embryo, how to take care of the eggs and chicks after they hatch. Our staff also candle the eggs so the children can see the embryo growing inside the egg. Personally, I love teaching this session! Seeing the wonder on the student’s faces when they see the small embryo move and the blood vessels growing in the egg is priceless!

To watch the live view of eggs in the 4-H EGG Cam incubator, visit http://lancaster.unl.edu/4h/embryology/eggcameravideo.shtml

These eggs on camera now are scheduled to hatch January 27-28 but we’ve already got pipping in our office incubators! Pipping is when the chick breaks through the shell of the egg. After pipping through, it will take another 4-6 hours for the chicks to hatch.

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County 4-H4-H EGG Cam is a live view of the incubators in our office. Classrooms around the world watch chicks hatch. We also have poultry clubs, enthusiasts and families tuning in to share in this amazing experience with us! You can also join us on Facebook to discuss what’s happening on camera! https://www.facebook.com/4HEGGCam

Remember – If you don’t live in Lancaster County, Nebraska, please make sure to check out your local extension office too. Your extension office has resources for you, your family and community. To find your local office, visit http://lancaster.unl.edu/office/locate.shtml (nationwide listing).

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