Community Resources to Connect, Learn and Share

…and they are all free from Nebraska Extension!

Educational Community Resources

Have you ever been asked to present a program or talk to a civic or community group, club or professional organization? Sometimes looking up ideas and information, then organizing it can be challenging and take a lot of time. Nebraska Extension is making it a lot easier for you by providing educational resources for you – free, on-line! No sign-in required.  Everything from the benefits of Chocolate (love this!) to timely resources on bullying and finances.  Here are the current programs available for 2014 and what’s coming for 2015:

For details about each program and to download the free educational resources, visit


  • What’s in Your Drink? Making Healthier Choices (coming soon)
  • Little Kids Cook! (available on-line now)

2014 – these are all available on-line (include Leaders Guides, Participants Guides, Powerpoint Presentations and more):

  • Keeping Children Moving, Active, and Healthy
  • Save Time: Microwave It!
  • How our shopping habits help predict the future of our community
  • Option A or Option B: The Steps of Making Good Decisions
  • Making it Happen!: Building Positive Relationships with Children
  • Social Networking Sites: What They Are and How to Navigate Them
  • Chocolate — A Functional Food?
  • Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget
  • The Learning Child: Keys to Enhancing Learning
  • Bite When the Temperature is Right
  • How Strong Families Deal with Stress and Crisis
  • Living Resourcefully: Finding Ways to Make Your Dollars Go Further
  • Purchasing “Green” — What Does It Really Mean
  • Bullying
  • Fitting in the Fiber!
  • Housing Options for Today and Tomorrow
  • Make Sure It’s Done the Way You Want: Advance Directives
  • Banding Together for Strength
  • Caregiving: Challenges and Rewards
  • Credit: How Do You Score?
  • Promoting Cultural Understanding and Developing Cultural Competence
  • Easy on Energy: Tips for Conserving
  • Long Term Care: What Is It, Where Do You Get It and How Do You Pay For It!
  • Make Every Drop Count in the Home
  • One of Rural America’s Greatest Challenges . . . Methamphetamine
  • Volunteerism: A Tool for Positive Youth Development
  • Who Cares For The Caregiver
  • Health of Children series includes:
    • Healthy Meals for Healthy Kids: Ages 6-12 years
    • Cooking with Your Kids
    • Family Fitness
    • Maintaining a Positive and Healthy Self-Esteem: What Can Adults Do?

Don’t forget to check out resources from your local university extension office too (find your local office)!

Have a great day!


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