Severe Weather Awareness

Include a bright colored piece of fabric in your winter emergency kit for vehicles.

Tip: Include a substantial-sized bright red piece of material, flag or fabric in your vehicle’s winter emergency kit. If you are stranded in deep snow, or in a snowstorm/blizzard with limited visibility, emergency personnel will have an easier time finding you. Tie the fabric to your antenna. If you are unable to attach to an antenna, make sure you do whatever you can to make the cloth visible even if you have to drape out the vehicle’s window.

November 6 is “Winter Weather Awareness” Day in Nebraska! We’ve had an absolutely beautiful fall in southeastern Nebraska and with temperatures this week in the 50’s & 60’s, it’s hard to imagine winter weather is on the way.  We know a winter storm can last for several days and be accompanied by high winds, freezing rain or sleet, heavy snowfall and cold temperatures. During a severe storm, you could be trapped at home or in a car with no utilities or assistance, and if you attempt to walk for help could find yourself in a life-threatening situation. The aftermath of a winter storm can have an impact on a community or region for days, weeks, or possibly months.

It’s time to make your winter preparedness plans now. Make a kit or update your winter survival kit for each of your vehicles and for your home. Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has a prepared a resource with helpful information even if you don’t live in Nebraska. Review this resource and talk to your family. Prepare for an event where you may have no power, heat or running water for several days. What do you do to prepare for care of pets and livestock? What is the plan if your family is separated due to a winter storm? How do you stay informed? Read “Nebraska Winter Weather Awareness Day  …. here are the topics you’ll find:

  • National Weather Service Coverage Map
  • NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards
  • Winter Weather Terminology
  • Winter Weather Dangers
  • Winter Preparedness for Schools
  • Winter Weather Safety Tips
  • Winter Weather Travel Tips
  • Winter Roads – Stay Safe
  • Road Condition Information
  • Winter Precipitation Types
  • Social Media
  • State 2013-14 Snowfall Map
  • Drought Update
  • U.S. Winter Outlook
  • Western Nebraska Panhandle 2013 Review
  • Western & North Central Nebraska 2013 Review
  • Extreme Southwest Nebraska 2013 Review
  • South Central Nebraska 2013 Review
  • Eastern Nebraska 2013 Review

For more information, check out:

As always, check with your local emergency management agency for specific resources in your community. You can also contact your local university extension office for assistance locating the appropriate resources or agencies in your community. To find your local office, visit

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