Pet Pre-PAW-edness

Pet Preparedness

My German Wirehaired Pointer has a microchip. If Baron and my family are ever separated in an emergency, officials will have an easier time matching us back up again.

In the September issue of the NEBLINE newsletter, Extension Educator Lorene Bartos shared information and resources to help our families prepare for emergencies and natural disaster situations. We learned how to “Be Informed” | “Make a Plan” | “Make a Kit” | “Get Involved”.

This month, Nebraska’s First Dog, “Snickers,” has also been active in helping pet parents think ahead in the event of an emergency/natural disaster. Your kit should have all the items needed to care for your individual pet. A pet lizard will need different survival items in a kit than for a bird or hamster. Here are some of the items Snickers suggests putting in a kit for your pet dog/cat:

  • 3-7 day supply pet food in a watertight container.
  • 3-7 day supply of water just for your pet.
  • Any pet medicines.
  • Bowls for eating/drinking.
  • A pet first aid kit (cotton bandage rolls, bandage tape, scissors, antibiotic ointment, flea/tick prevention, isopropyl alcohol, saline solution).
  • Extra collar, leash, ID/rabies tag in case your pet loses anything in the shuffle.
  • Your pet’s papers and any medical records.
  • Your pet’s carrier – big enough to stand up in.
  • Plastic bags, bleach/sanitary wipes, paper towels for any pet messes. If you have a cat, include litter and a litter box.
  • A recent photo of your pet with your family so people know you belong with your pet in the event you are separated.
  • Other: towel, blanket, treats, toys, blankets.

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Free October NEBLINE is On-line! Grab it!

The Free NEBLINE Newsletter  is on-line

The October issue of The NEBLINE newsletter is now on-line. You’re bound to find something for nearly everyone in your family.

Below I’ve listed some of the articles featured in the free on-line October issue.

Visit and click on the link to the October 2014 NEBLINE!

  • Smart Snacking!
  • So Many Ways to Connect to UNL Extension’s Food Resources
  • Walnut Trail Mix Recipe
  • Halloween Safety Tips
  • Ask Lorene: How do I clean my flat screens (TV or computer) without using harsh chemicals?
  • Family Cell Phone Rules
  • Wanted: Craft and Hobby Entrepreneurs in Nebraska
  • Tips for Time Management
  • AARP Driver Safety Program, Nov. 14 in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Freeze Effects on Forages
  • Managing Resistant Weeds
  • Is Your Dog Prepared for Winter?
  • Potatoes Turning Green
  • October Garden Guide
  • Tiny Bugs with a Big Bite
  • Now’s the Time to Do Some “Pest-Proofing!”
  • …. and much more

If you don’t live in Lancaster County, Nebraska, please make sure to check out your local extension office too. Your extension office has resources for you, your family and community. To find your local office, visit (nationwide listing).

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