Texting …

This morning my sister told me a motorcyclist passed her on the way to work. When he went around her car, she noticed he didn’t have his hands on his handlebars. He was texting on his phone. Really? Passing another vehicle at highway speeds, no hands controlling the bike and texting. Scary!!!

Technology is an amazing tool especially now that it is totally mobile! I’ll be the first to admit, I love having all the resources of the internet at my fingertips when I need it. When driving, I need to put my phone away because I am too tempted to use it. If you can’t shut the phone off, stick it in your purse, put it in the backseat until you are stopped.  Hands free in the vehicle is also an option (unless you are on a motorcycle) however, this is still a distraction because you aren’t totally focused on the road.

One of the area police departments just happened to shared the video “Do U think you are good at texting?” on their Facebook page this morning. Good timing! Short and to the point.

More resources:

Nebraska Educational Television Dstrctd Drving 

Stay safe and Have a great day!!


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