Safety Tips for Visiting Animals & Livestock at Fairs

Ask exhibitors questions about their animals and always keep a safe distance from large animals

If you have any questions, be sure to ask exhibitors about their animals. Remember to always keep a safe distance from large animals.

It’s fair time! Many families enjoy attending one of our many county fairs and of course, the Nebraska State Fair.

The animals are always a popular attraction at the fair. Whether it is a petting zoo at the fair or just a walk through one of the livestock or horse barns, you play an important role in helping prevent the spread of disease.

Following these simple guidelines should help to prevent human illness and lessen the chance of animal to animal spread of disease:

  • Do not touch or pet animals, except at designated petting exhibits
  • Wash your hands with water and soap after any direct contact with animals
  • Supervise children younger than 5 years during hand washing and petting to make sure they don’t put their hands or other objects into their mouth
  • Avoid eating in animal exhibit areas
  • Do not feed human food to animals

Be sure to have a great time at a fair in your area and thank you for helping protect our livestock industry!

For more information:

Attending Fairs: Safeguarding Your Health and Nebraska’s Livestock Industry

If you want information on the Lancaster County Super Fair here in Lincoln, Nebraska, July 31-August 9, 2014 – visit

Have a super day!


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