What’s Bugging You?…Barb and Soni on KFOR

At 9 am (CDT) on Thursday, April 17, 2014, Soni Cochran and Barb Ogg, UNL Extension Educators-Lancaster County, will be guests of Cathy Blythe on her award winning radio show, Problems and Solutions, on KFOR 1240am. They will answer questions about insect and wildlife pest problems in southeast Nebraska in a segment called, “What’s Bugging You?”

Turn your radio dial to 1240 am or listen online live by clicking the button at: http://www.kfor1240.com/pages/4498752.php.  To find this P&S podcast later, click here: http://www.kfor1240.com/Problems-and-Solutions/5430870






One thought on “What’s Bugging You?…Barb and Soni on KFOR

  1. It is always so much fun doing this radio show with Cathy Blythe! If you want to listen to the podcast (link above), we talked about “sweet ants”, opossums, voles, moles, flies, bats – oh, and squirrels. I know Cathy received some emails from listeners and we’ll be getting those soon to answer them off the air.

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